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Tasks - Options: Responsible person can change planned dates - problem
Author: Andrzej Klonowski. Hi. On this option, Tooltip says: "Responsible person can change the task's planned dates and dedline. As a task author, you will be notified of all the changes."  I think it isn't working. As responsible person I can change only deadline, but not planned dates. It's possible to fix it? We are working with planned dates not deadlines, so it's "must" have one...
Tags: Tasks
Modified: 01/02/2017
About Tasks and Calendar
Author: ASLI OKTÜRK. Hello there. Is there any way to show added tasks in Calendar. I want this for example. I have a workgroup, I give an access full permission for User X, User X is adding Calendar some event, i am seeing my calendar this event. And i want to do action, for example, can i view in tasks area that ...
Modified: 05/13/2016
Drag ability on Lists and Tasks, Return the ability reorder items by drag and dropping
... have here. ( Having to hit the up and down arrows is starting to drive me nuts.  The option used to be available on tasks and it appears to be gone as well.  Trying to organize a list is a nightmare when adding multiple items to a list and trying to sort them in a particular way. 
Modified: 03/14/2016
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