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Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities, -
Author: Lucio Groch. Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities. This is how it happened: 1. I used a DEAL screen to originate a call directly from the CRM Deal screen. 2. This call was completed, lasted four minutes, was automatically recorded by Bitrix24, and is stored in our company drive. 3. However, it is NOT listed neither under customer's Lead Activities Log nor under customer's Deal Activities Log.     Email advertisement affirmed calls should be listed. Am I wrong?
Modified: 03/31/2016
Change Microphone and Headset device for VOIP
Author: Simon Dick. I have just setup Bitrix and setup my telephony but need to be able to change the devices that the VOIP uses for the Microphone and the headset/speakers. We have multiple options for both on our machines and the defaults in Windows are not the ones we want to use.
Tags: VoIP
Modified: 12/24/2014
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