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Android 6.0.1 google calendar app malfunctioning when bitrix added
Author: Vangelis Manolis. When you add a bitrix account in the android in order to sync the contacts and the calendar then google calendar stops uploading events to your gmail accounts. It only downloads events created on your gmail account. Since I can't afford to have my gmail accounts malfunctioning I had to remove ...
Modified: 01/30/2016
Email in Bitrix Mobile App
Author: Dylan van Vliet. Hello, Cause I cant use my own Domain to manage my emails inside Bitrix24 AND my current mail client (Apple Mail). I need to know if I could manage my emails inside the iOS or Android app from Bitrix? Thank you.
Modified: 01/14/2015
Missing CRM Functionality in Iphone and Android Apps
Автор: Juan Ignacio Perez Dos Santos. Hello, First of all Congratulations to the dev team! bitrix24 is a great product! There is a very important feature missing from the CRM, which is to send a message inside a particular Deal. The current version only enables you to Selcet a Deal, and fhen add a Call, Email or Meeting to ti. You can't imput any other kind of information or activity (Task or Message) realted to the deal. It is really useful because on the roda you can add insights or assigh...
Modified: 05/16/2014
Nexus 5 Android App :: Full HD screen... everything very very small.
Автор: Jeremy Otten. We just trialed the Cloud version and the android app at full hd res on my nexus 5 was also very small... now.. with a change the android app is perfect to the cloud... the leftside windows is also white now instead of blue... much better is you ask me.. In the end we bought an owned license....
Tags: android
Modified: 12/04/2013
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