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Catalog, Product Catalog pictures and printing
Автор: Richard Duff. Hi What is the specification for the picture both preview and full that can be attached each product in the catalogue please? Is there a way to print out the product calalog by section etc Many thanks
Tags: catalog
Modified: 11/12/2014
[Possibly] Product Catalog Bugs, Does anyone have Add/Edit Product Catalog issue?
Автор: Christanto R.. Greetings, I found that CRM > Catalog > Products  Add / Edit function may have bugs  Try to Add 3 to 4 products into the catalog. then Try to Edit / View each records, and you'll see the system only edit / view the 1st record. I checked this couple times and always the ...
Modified: 08/22/2014
Catalogue and products, Prices for Order quantities and trade pricing
Автор: Richard Duff. Product prices and the catalogue section do not allow for two sets of pricing for the same product - Trade/Wholesale price and Retail pricing. Also no qty discount or pricing by qty for Wholesale where price reduces depending on qty ordered Would also be useful to be ...
Tags: catalog
Modified: 04/04/2014
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