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Goal measurement for Open channel Chat Message in Google Analytics, Any idea how to measure live chat messages event actions to set up as goals in google adwords, analytics and tag manager?
Author: Mahmoud Elsaid. Hello,  We are trying to setup goals for our adword campaign and on google analytics for goal conversion when a user successfully start a chat conversation, enter email address / name / finish the conversation.  We know we can track the actions if the user use forms. BUT we need to track the events that happen on chat. Any one is able to advise on the events action that we can track in ...
Modified: 09/02/2017
Integrate chat bot in openchannels
Author: David Casco. Hi: Iam try openchannels and works fine but i like to implement chatbots to responses the webchat and facebook comments. There is some app to do this? or some external bot to can integrate with bitrix24 to make this? Greetings
Modified: 01/25/2017
How do you remove a user from chat?
Author: Miguel Almeida. Once a user is dismissed, he's in the inactive users. However, we can still see him in all the public chats. How  can you remove such a user from a public chat, so it doesn't clutter the list of participants?
Modified: 01/03/2017
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