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Recurring task to several companies, recurring task set up for several companies.
Author: Laura Payne. I would like to get a report to see whom of our clients have signed the yearly contract. ( in the free or plus version). Is it possible to create a recurring task for several companies/ contacts at the same time?
Modified: 01/09/2017
Supervising tasks, I have a question about tasks and groups
Author: Jakub Kosmowski. Hi all, I'm supervising few departments in my company and when I add a task and click on supervising I see all of my task in one company which is not correct. Is there any chance to add a task to a specific department? The other way would be to add a task to a group but this group would have to be ...
Tags: task, group, company
Modified: 10/21/2015
Contacts can't be seen on the Company Record, Contact names can only be seen on the Company Record when I am in the Edit mode
Author: Martin Brabenec. I have deleted the contacts, refreshed, clicked on Show Fields, added them back, restarted the browser, cleared cache, but nothing helps.
Modified: 03/21/2015
Company data lost due to add Deal Type bug, Company data from 5k lost to 3k data just because adding new deal type
Автор: Jonathan Bryan. Hi Guys, Initially I have more than 5k data and I add another deal type, suddenly my data keep decreasing and now its only 3k. Does anyone ever have the same issue? Or do we able to roll back the data? Unfortunately I haven't backup my data before the data is lost. any advice?
Modified: 07/11/2014
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