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Add Contact from Business Card picture - mobile, Easily add your CRM contacts by open up the camera and shooting a picture from a business card on your mobile app.
Author: Azim Özdemir. Lots of contacts to manage... this is a general problem. Especially when you have a public conference or a fair trade, you collect a lot of business cards.  It would be a really good feature if I just can take a snapshot with my cam and import the informations ...
Modified: 04/02/2015
Contacts can't be seen on the Company Record, Contact names can only be seen on the Company Record when I am in the Edit mode
Author: Martin Brabenec. I have deleted the contacts, refreshed, clicked on Show Fields, added them back, restarted the browser, cleared cache, but nothing helps.
Modified: 03/21/2015
multi site company, One company with many sites and area managers
... regional manager contact that covers a set of the sites. There is one head office address but multiple site addresses with their own contact. I cannot seem to link the area managers to more than one site or the head office to all the sites by use of contacts and conpanies which only allow one company per contact I could set up each site as a contact but each site may have more that one person contact and then the name of the site gets lost in the name of the contact. I could set the area manager ...
Tags: contacts
Modified: 03/12/2015
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
... calendars to their Apple device (Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone) and implement two-way sync. That is, when events in the Bitrix24 calendar are added or changed, these changes are displayed on the Apple device, and vice versa. Also, users can add all the contacts to their devices and find data about any colleague at any time. This is one-way integration, that is, contacts are loaded to the device from Bitrix24, but cannot be loaded to it from the device.  If a contact profile has changed, or if new contacts ...
Modified: 05/25/2012
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