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Importing CSV not reading Portuguese Accents, When I upload my CSV files, it reads the words without accents, but the accented ones doesn´t work.
... Excel files to the CRM, everything works fine, but the accented words (são paulo, brasília, etc.) doesn´t work. Searching for solutions online, I´ve seen about chaning my Codification to UTF-8 and everything else. I´ve already done it, my Excel CSV is saved as UTF-8 and when I upload, I also choose UTF-8 on Bitrix CRM, but still doesn´t work. I´m realy sad about this, everything was working so fine... Thanks in advance, Lucas.
Tags: accent, import, csv, utf8
Modified: 03/10/2016
cvs export to mac numbers
... Bitrix, nice CRM tool, that I am discovering now. First I imported some leads from Salesforce. This worked without problems. Now I find, that it is a bit awkward to handle the leads. So I added some fields and tried to export the leads in excel and csv-format, because it is much easier for me to work on the data in numbers.  But it is not possible to import it in numbers, not in the old version (numbers 09) nor in the new version. It is not possible to drag the file into the data window. It ...
Tags: apple, mac, csv, export
Modified: 09/16/2015
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