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Alternative Currency Selections and Conversions, Currency symbols, multiple currencies per project, currency conversion and reporting
Автор: B24_2102203. Our company is based in the State of Qatar (Arabian Peninsula).  We do business in all of the G.C.C. (Dubai, Bahrain, etc.) Each country has it's own unique currency, currency symbol and valuation.  We have clients and suppliers in the Eurozone, Balkans and US.  On any particular project we will have suppliers of services, equipment and materials from multiple countries. Expenses are tracked in the individual ...
Modified: 03/28/2015
More currency, Australian Dollar
Автор: Giuseppe Porcelli. Hi, we love your product and we want seriously to integrate it with our company systems. The only problem we got at moment is the currency, there is no Australian Dollar. Any chance to add it? Regards Giuseppe Porcelli
Tags: currency
Modified: 10/24/2014
How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.
Автор: Graeme Austin. Hi Just setting up the system for evaluation purposes and I can't see how to change the default currency in an invoice.  I've a product set at £100 but when I add it to the invoice, the invoice currency is USD. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks in advance Graeme
Modified: 07/05/2013
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