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Email Integration when domain handled by bitrix, Incoming emails do not appear in CRM
Author: James Clay. I am testing Bitrix 24 for our organisation and have a domain I have pointed to bitrix so that all incoming/outgoing email is now through you (or Yandex).  I can now easily send outbound mail for a contact or company from Bitrix's CRM feature.  This is all fine.  However, when that contact or company replies to my email, it does not appear in Bitrix at all. Surely ...
Tags: email
Modified: 11/09/2015
Integrate mail client into Bitrix's "Webmail" tab, The Webmail menu option redirects to an external website. A much more robust solution would be to provide an email client inside the portal
Author: Bartek Marczak. Hello, Please consider integrating email more tightly into Bitrix. For me this is a must, because email is such a prevalent means of communication. I would like to be able to access my email directly from the Bitrix portal. At the very least I would like to see this available for the ...
Modified: 10/05/2015
Email notification is not recieving on that particular date which I selected.
Автор: Arvinder Singh. When I'm creating reminder under any task, I select a proper date with an option notification "by email". I receive emails, but not on a particulate date that I selected. I has also configured the time zone as per my country.
Tags: email
Modified: 03/19/2015
Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
Author: Mustafa Tufan. Hey, we have a domain on We don't get emails or notifications from anywhere, unless one of us opened its bitrix page on web. This is so weird because if we have to open our network page to get emails, (there we can get site notifications too) why do so called email notifications exist? 
Tags: email
Modified: 12/24/2014
Setting up domain emails in Bitrix24, I can't set emails up in Bitrix24 because of MX Entries
Author: Ryan Archer. Hi there, I can't set up my domain emails to Bitrix24 because I need to keep my other MX entries in my CPanel. I have put the 'yandex' reference in there but the others must stay because I am using Zoho to host my email. I found that I had heaps of issues hosting my email with shared hosting ...
Modified: 12/22/2014
How do I include a image in email?, I'm trying include an image saved on my computer in a email, but I cannot browse that image. What I suppose to do?
Автор: B24_1280103. I'm trying include an image saved on my computer in a email, but I cannot browse that image. What I suppose to do?
Modified: 11/27/2014
I try to connect to zoho email account via IMAP, but I get "Communication error."
Автор: Ben. Hi, I try to connect to my zoho email account via IMAP, but I get "Communication error." connecting to zoho imap via other clients (online or smartphone or desktop, goes fine) what's wrong? tx
Tags: email, imap, zoho
Modified: 05/20/2014
Email Integration with Outlook
Author: Glenn Rayat. Hi! We are new to Bitrix24 and we wanted to integrate Outlook email with Bitrix but unsuccessful in the setup due to message "Provide IMAP connection parameters". Even if we put the imap server parameters, it would not allow us to setup successfully. Trying to find a howto here but they all point to ...
Modified: 01/21/2014
Daily Digest, Email notification of a "daily digest"?
... over the country.  As we are all volunteering, we would have to log on to the bitrix24 system to see whats going on. Is there an option of "subscribing" and having a "daily digest" sent to the workgroup participant registered email addresses at the end of the day so that if they forgot or do not log on to the system, they can see whats been going on? Thanks
Modified: 09/10/2013
create an entry by email
Автор: Antonio Rinaldi. Sorry if the question has already been done, but I have not understood how I can create an entry by email. For example, if I want to add a task to my workspace, I expect I can do it sending an email to fr om my regular email address with subject "[tasks] this is a task title" and body "this is a task ...
Tags: email
Modified: 05/01/2013
Mailing control
Автор: João Dias da Silva. Hello, it would be great if the internal email system allowed control over the results of mass mailing actions. For instance, it would be useful to know that 90% of the emails were correctly sent and returned no errors, and that 10% returned some type of error message. This is very important ...
Tags: email
Modified: 11/11/2012
Managing email notifications
Автор: Ben Collier. Is there any way to manage when notifications are sent by email?  Currently for every change in any ticket I am participating in I get an alert but I'd like to limit these alerts only to tasks where I am responsible, for example.
Modified: 09/07/2012
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