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Company and User Mailbox integration Office365
Author: Chris Altomare. I am reaching out to the community for help since the help desk, unfortunately, has not been helpful. After numerous messages back and fourth, sharing screen shots over and over again (sometimes the same ones), waiting days for a response....I hope someone else has resolved this issue Email integration in the CRM To track emails in the CRM, as I see the following 4 options: 1) You can manually log an email but, this will only make an entry in the History section and not track...
Modified: 04/26/2017
Email Integration with Outlook
Author: Glenn Rayat. Hi! We are new to Bitrix24 and we wanted to integrate Outlook email with Bitrix but unsuccessful in the setup due to message "Provide IMAP connection parameters". Even if we put the imap server parameters, it would not allow us to setup successfully. Trying to find a howto here but they all point to CRM. Is it where put our IMAP connection parameters? Please help. Thanks.
Modified: 01/21/2014
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