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Converting Events to Tasks, Is there a how-to?
Author: Jon Maxwell. Hello, I am doing research as my company is currently looking for a project management system with very specific needs. We need to be able to import our google calendar events and convert them to tasks, or import events from our Google Calendar AS tasks. Are tasks and events interchangeable?
Modified: 12/03/2015
Calendars Shared to Outlook: Add all events as "Appointments" instead of "Meetings", Calendar shared to Outlook creates all events as Appointments
Author: Lize de Wet. Hi There, We are using the Cloud Version of Bitrix24. Is there a way to add events to the calendar so that it shows as meetings in Outlook (if shared) and not as Appointments. The reason for this is that Outlook sees "Appointments" as blocks of time scheduled for only yourself. "Meetings" on ...
Modified: 04/23/2015
Issues with Workgroup messages, I cannot view workgroup messages from last year on my projects
Author: Ryan Archer. Hi there, I am having some trouble viewing messages in my workgroups that go back to last year. I am using the Bitrix24 hosted CRM system on the free plan for my small freelance business and exploring the features more and more as I learn how to use it. Anyway I am using the workgroups quite a lot to store all project files and communications. When I exchange emails between the client, I copy and paste the content into the "messages" section of the workgroup...
Modified: 02/21/2015
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