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Export fields - leads., Export fields
Author: Brenda Tirp. Help! I can not export all fields from the leads database. Only a few fields are exported. How do I fix this?
Tags: fields, export, lead
Modified: 06/26/2017
[Help] Problem with export& import contacts - Administrator roles
Author: Quan Nguyen. Hi all, I have problem with export contact to .CSV and other available format files. Since I have the Administrator role, but the imported file is empty "currently, there are no contacts available".  What should I do to migrate the contacts from this organization ...
Modified: 01/13/2016
cvs export to mac numbers
Author: Christian Koch. Hi Bitrix, nice CRM tool, that I am discovering now. First I imported some leads from Salesforce. This worked without problems. Now I find, that it is a bit awkward to handle the leads. So I added some fields and tried to export the leads in excel and csv-format, because it is much easier for me to work on the data in numbers.  But it is not possible to import it in numbers, not in the old version (numbers 09) nor in the new version. It is not possible to drag the ...
Tags: apple, mac, csv, export
Modified: 09/16/2015
Lists, How to use information entered into a List
... List, can values entered into two Number elements (e.g.: KM Start and KM End) be subtracted into a third field with the KM value of the trip. Then calculate a dollar value against a predefined price per KM in a fourth field. 2- Can Lists data be exported (xls or csv)? Thanks.
Tags: lists, export
Modified: 07/18/2014
Export / Import process, Export / Import process
... leads table? When 'converting' lead to contact, is the custom field data moved over or not? Is there a limit of 50 records per import process? Is there an unique identifier that will not allow double entries of records during the import process? If exported and data is editted, then re-imported, does it update or create new record? Any further advice / guideness you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike Pudlo
Tags: import, export
Modified: 07/25/2012
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