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Integrate mail client into Bitrix's "Webmail" tab, The Webmail menu option redirects to an external website. A much more robust solution would be to provide an email client inside the portal
... this is a must, because email is such a prevalent means of communication. I would like to be able to access my email directly from the Bitrix portal. At the very least I would like to see this available for the "Own Domain" email integration, if not for any mailbox in general (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). I think this is so important because on top of a basic mailbox functionality I would like to be able to easily create tasks by quoting an email, easily forward an email as a private ...
Modified: 10/05/2015
Tasks: Integration with Github, Bitbucket, SVN
Автор: elliott davis. To use Bitrix 24 for managing programming projects within a company, It would be great if there was an integration to link Tasks to the work that programmers do. Integrations would be great with Git and SVN: Git! SVN
Modified: 08/15/2014
Email Integration with Outlook
Author: Glenn Rayat. Hi! We are new to Bitrix24 and we wanted to integrate Outlook email with Bitrix but unsuccessful in the setup due to message "Provide IMAP connection parameters". Even if we put the imap server parameters, it would not allow us to setup successfully. Trying to find a howto here but they all point to CRM. Is it where put our IMAP connection parameters? Please help. Thanks.
Modified: 01/21/2014
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