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Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time function bitrix, Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time. There you have for So IT; localised time zone aware dates with the PHP on the multiple-in calendar types. The If the Provided of The your application formats suit the then the the ...
... calendar like the the the following $ a DateTime = new a DateTime (); $ IntlDateFormatter = new IntlDateFormatter ( 'es_ES', IntlDateFormatter :: the FULL, the FULL IntlDateFormatter :: , 'Australia / Yancowinna', IntlDateFormatter :: GREGORIAN); $ IntlDateFormatter- the the echo> the the format ($ a a DateTime); // Martes, 21 de julio de 2015, 11:12:43 pm (Hora estándar de central Australia) Should you wish to use another-in the CAN-in calendar of IT the BE the specified '' as with. with the part of the the locale of the the the following example with with in Decided I of of ...
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