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Can I add new website types to new lead form?
Author: Drew Clifton. When adding a new lead I would like to modify the type of websites available in the Site: field (attached for clarity) How can this be done? Thanks :)
Tags: leads, crm, website
Modified: 12/05/2016
POST using REST API - Address Field
Author: Nathaniel Soria. Hi, I need assistance in correctly posting the address. I'm in the process of developing a lead distribution software to connect my call center dialer software to Bitrix24 to facilitate a hot voice and data transfer simultaneously but need help with the posting of the address field. When I post to ADDRESS I can get the street name to post but ADDRESS_CITY doesn't post to the city.. what is the correct way to post to the sub-fields within the default ADDRESS field? sample...
Modified: 06/01/2015
New Address Fields, Change in address fields not converting with lead convertion
... available and showiing blank and not taking lead address through to contact or company I normally copy and paste contact address to company address at the convert stage and now its gone Can you help please I have also just noticed that the tab LEADS seems to have disapeared from the company and contacts view. I am sure I used to be able to see the lead that created the company by clicking on a tab in company or contact view. this was useful as meetings and calls against that company/comtact ...
Tags: leads
Modified: 03/30/2015
Possible bug - scheduling problem when creating a meeting from a Lead profile page, Possible scheduling issue from within the lead interface
Автор: Michael Holt. When entering a date, in this case, Nov. 20 at 2:00 PM, the calendar entry showed up as 12:00 AM on Nov. 21. I had to go to my calendar in my workspace and edit it there to get it to show up at the correct time.
Modified: 11/18/2014
Max leads, What's the max. leads that can manage?
Автор: Jorge Díaz. What's the max. leads that the free cloud version can manage? I tryied to upload 6500 leads, but i only could access 5000 of them. Which version do i need for handling 10.000+ leads?
Modified: 09/24/2014
Opportunities, Why Bitrix24 does not have "Opportunities" in the CRM section? Opportunities are not "Deals" and certainly not "Leads"
Автор: B24_561575. There needs a section called opportunities in the CRM section. Opportunities are for existing clients or companies. They do not have to go through the conversion from Leads to Deals. An opportunity can have several "deals"
Modified: 06/26/2014
Call Lists using Business Processes or other means, I need help creating automatic call lists
Автор: Ted Gulyas. So, here's briefly how our days in sales go: 1) We search for BUSINESSES only via the yellow pages, internet, existing ads, etc. 2) We CALL these leads and it either leads to one of three things: call me later, an appointment, or don't ever call me again 3) The result is then tracked etc. (most calls receive a "call me later" deal 4) The process continues with appointments, daily calls,...
Modified: 05/22/2014
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