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Mailigen API Key Issue, Impossible to add Key generated via Mailigen
Author: Jocelyn Straub. [P]Hi there,[/P] [P][/P] [P]I want to use Mailigen for my EDM.[/P] [P]However, it doesn't work. I generated an API key on mailigen but I cannot use it on Bitrix24, I have that error : [/P] [P]104: Invalid Mailigen API Key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/P] [P][/P] [P]I have contacted Mailigen and they confirmed me that my API key is generated.[/P] [P][/P] [P]How can I fix that?[/P] [P][/P] [P]Kind regards,[/P]
Modified: 05/19/2017
How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?, How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?
Автор: Vernessa Taylor. Hello Bitrix Community Members, I'm wondering how to remove a Marketplace App after it is installed? I've installed DocDesigner but do not wish to use it at this time. I'd like to remove it from my installation but cannot find an "uninstall" or "delete application" button/link. (Perhaps ...
Modified: 04/06/2014
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