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Pinned Message or Static Page
Author: Clint Eschberger. Need the ability to have a pinned message that is always at the top of the activity stream either permanently or timed. This would allow for items that we need to always be available for the organization to remain at the top and have easy access.
Tags: message, pinned
Modified: 03/30/2016
Activity, Messsage, Signature, How do I change the signature or delete the message counter
Автор: Jonathan Lin. hi, so im new to bitrix and i started to test out the activities available for my contacts i messaged a contact's email and it adds a "[msg:13-tmt0aa]" at the end of the message. is there a way to customize my messages to include my signature? like the ones from my regular email and is there a way to delete this message counter?...
Modified: 07/02/2013
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