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What appears in "notifications?", How to configure notifications
Author: Carl Gross. Hello.  The product is great--I use it every day, both personally and professionally. I am having an issue though with notifications (both in the web app and the desktop app).  When a task reaches its deadline, shouldn't that appear in notifications?  If so, that is not occurring for me.  How can I resolve this?   In my notification configuration page, I have everything ...
Modified: 08/17/2015
Trouble with notifications
Author: Bernard Mallet. Hi, I'm currently testing Bitrix24 cloud version with two users before implementing it in our company.  We have major issue with notifications.  We receive only notifications from changes made in tasks.  We receive no other notifications from Calender, Drives, Conversations, etc...  This is true for both users.  The notifications settings have been set properly. I have ...
Modified: 01/17/2015
Managing email notifications
Автор: Ben Collier. Is there any way to manage when notifications are sent by email?  Currently for every change in any ticket I am participating in I get an alert but I'd like to limit these alerts only to tasks where I am responsible, for example.
Modified: 09/07/2012
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