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Restrict access to Drive to all users, How to restrict access permissions to all users in my Bitrix
Author: JJ Min. I really like all of the functionallity that Bitrix provide, but in the company that I work, there are many documents that are restricted and the information doesnt have to be shared outside of the internal network. I need to find the way to restrict access to the Drive to all of the employees in order to bu sure that the documents cant be uploaded and then shared to external persons. How can I do that? Thanks in advance for your help.
Modified: 11/15/2016
How to set access level in Custom Fields
Author: B24_3290483. Hi, We are using self hosted version of bitrix. We created a custom field in task area called "Price". Now when inserting a new task, "Price" field is displaying properly. After adding task it is showing perfectely, but to everyone who can see the project. Is there any way I can limit visibility of that custom field to administrator only. Who is insert he can just insert it and in project details it will be shown to administrator only...
Modified: 08/22/2015
File Permissions on Download Changed, Permissions on file changed causing issues
Author: Garrett Hyder. Hello, Another team member shared their .jpg file with me through a task, downloading it and placing onto Wordpress I realized it was 404ing. I finally narrowed this down to permissions. It seems bitrix sets the permissions of the file on download to 604 which makes it not viewable online. I had to update the permissions to 644 before it showed up. Would love it if bitrix didn't mess with permissions or at least kept them ...
Modified: 04/07/2015
more detailed calendar permissions
... create a group with a calendar. Moderators should be allowed to create, edit and delete any task. Normal members should only be able to view all entries, create new entries and edit their own entries  For the latter there seem to be no defined permissions eg "calendar_access" still permits editing other user's entries Can this be implemented somehow?
Modified: 02/09/2015
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