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Use Workgroups/Projects as an umbrella for more Entities, Relate Deals/Quotes/Invoices to Projects
Author: Valentin Grigoryevskiy. Use Workgroups/Projects as an umbrella for more Entities. It is a bit strange that Activities can be related to a Project, but Deals/Quotes/Invoices cannot. Projects are a very cool thing when you have few of them and you need to manage access for team members.
Modified: 08/25/2017
Progress status of tasks, Some kind of status of the percentage of work done on a task
Автор: Jason Spicer. Is there anything currently to be able to mark a task at a certain percentage of completion such as 25% done or 80% done and also be able to see it in the task list and a visual representation in the Gantt view? If not, is this something that will be added later on? Thank you Jason
Modified: 10/21/2014
Daily Digest, Email notification of a "daily digest"?
Автор: Danh Nguyen. Hi, I'm having a look at the bitrix24 system to see if we can use as a collaborative tool for my volunteer network since we are all located all over the country.  As we are all volunteering, we would have to log on to the bitrix24 system to see whats going on. Is there an option of "subscribing" and having a "daily digest" sent to the workgroup participant registered email addresses at the end of the day so that if they forgot or do not log on to the...
Modified: 09/10/2013
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