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Task status, How do I change the status of tasks?
Author: Jan Pfeiffer. Super newbie question: how do I manually change the status of a task?  One of our team members inadvertently set the status of a task to 'complete', and I can't for the life of me figure out how to manually override and 'reset' the task to active.   Any help would be much appreciated. Thx!
Tags: tasks, status
Modified: 11/30/2016
Admins and Supervisors should be able to edit the tasks End date (when closed/completed), It's important to know the real date the task was ended/completed. Britix just sets the End date automatically, when the user closes the task, and it's not possible to change it afterwards.
Author: Joao Coelho. It's important to know the real date the task was ended/completed. Britix just sets the End date automatically, when the user closes the task, and it's not possible to change it afterwards. That’s really problematic because, if the user closes the task one or more days after the real date of completeness, he can’t define/correct it. That’s why is so important for an admin or a supervisor to be able to change a task End/Completed date.
Tags: tasks
Modified: 02/18/2016
Converting Events to Tasks, Is there a how-to?
Author: Jon Maxwell. Hello, I am doing research as my company is currently looking for a project management system with very specific needs. We need to be able to import our google calendar events and convert them to tasks, or import events from our Google Calendar AS tasks. Are tasks and events interchangeable?
Modified: 12/03/2015
Task assignment labeling consistancy, Label Consistancy for assingments like Creator, Responsible, Participants, Observers
Author: Kevin Hill. When you create a task you can make the following assignments: Creator, Responsible, Participants, Observers But when I go into my Tasks on my account all my tasks are sorted by: Ongoing, Assisting, Set by Me, following. Wouldn't it make sense to make this labels the same so: Ongoing-->Responsible Assisting-->Participating Set by Me-->Created Following-->Observing
Tags: tasks
Modified: 10/15/2015
task management by deputy
Author: Manuel Lange. Hi, is there any solution for task management by deputys planned in the task module? use cases: a) secretary sees (/manages) tasks of his/her superiors b) deputy manages tasks of a colleague while hes on vacation Thanks in advance.
Tags: tasks, deputy
Modified: 01/30/2015
Progress status of tasks, Some kind of status of the percentage of work done on a task
Автор: Jason Spicer. Is there anything currently to be able to mark a task at a certain percentage of completion such as 25% done or 80% done and also be able to see it in the task list and a visual representation in the Gantt view? If not, is this something that will be added later on? Thank you Jason
Modified: 10/21/2014
Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop
Автор: elliott davis. Bitrix looks great but tasks could use a lot of work to be easier to use and support workflows for agile and kanban style project management. See some of your competition at: Simplify task input.Allow ...
Tags: tasks, agile, kanban
Modified: 08/15/2014
Tasks: Integration with Github, Bitbucket, SVN
Автор: elliott davis. To use Bitrix 24 for managing programming projects within a company, It would be great if there was an integration to link Tasks to the work that programmers do. Integrations would be great with Git and SVN: Git! SVN
Modified: 08/15/2014
Way For Assistants To View All Tasks, Is there a way to for an assistant to view all tasks
Автор: Roshini Chandran. Hi, In our organization we have an assistant whose responsibility it is to take tasks off of their supervisor's plate without having to go ask their supervisor every time.  I want to find out if there is a way to allow an assistant to view all the tasks of their supervisor?  Is there a way to structure to org chart or is there ...
Tags: tasks
Modified: 05/05/2013
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