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Taxes should not be automatically added to deals income (amount)
Автор: Thibault Viguier. When we first started to use bitrix24 1 year ago, we liked the fact that you could add products to a deal, and bitrix calculated the total amount, and if taxes applied would add the taxes to the later invoice. At the time, when you saved your deal with a said $100 product (and a 20% VAT Tax), the total amount of the deal (income field) was set to $100, because this is ultimately the money the company ...
Modified: 10/30/2014
Customer VAT number on invoices., customer VAT number
Автор: Apostolos Stefanides. Ok I did add my VAT number on my Address field as I read in you forum. But I would like to add my customer VAT number on my invoices. I can’t find any solution at all when my customer is a Company. Any advice please?
Tags: invoice, vat, tax
Modified: 02/21/2014
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