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Recurring invoices
Or if your accounting module is good enough, as our needs are relatively simple, it may be preferable not to even need to deal with Quickbooks!  Thanks for what you do, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Graphic fix, This may not be the right place for this...
This is not a feature request really.  I just wanted to point out a small graphical mismatch that appears on the workgroups menus.  The right side of most of the selected menu bars appears to be off by 1 pixel right and maybe 1 pixel down.  Just a little thing to fix when you get to it.

Also, I wanted to say that the more I dig into the software the more I like it.  Keep up the good work.  I can't wait to see what you do in 2015!

Problem marking invoices as paid, After marking invoices paid it does not save the settings
I keep trying to mark an invoice as paid, but it does not save the settings.  It shows all of the right info in edit mode, but as soon as I save it goes back to draft status.  Am I missing something in the CRM process that prevents me from marking an invoice as paid?  Thanks.
Recurring invoices
Can you share whether you think the 3rd-party accounting software update will be in EARLY 2015 or LATE 2015?  Also can you share if it will it work with Quickbooks Online?  Thanks!
Wiki Index Page
I would like to say that I am impressed by most of Bitrix24's features, but before I could consider upgrading to a higher level of service I would need a usable wiki.  Everything else is strong but the wiki is basically unusable as is.  At first I thought people were complaining about lack of fancy features, but I just wanted to create a simple basic wiki.  After trying to use it, I have to agree with the comments above that the wiki definitely needs work.  I have spent hours working with it and it does not retain all of the formatting shown in the preview once you hit publish.  Also the fact that it is very difficult to understand the logic of it makes it no good as a wiki.  I see the wiki is the glue that provides users with the flexibility to smooth over the few small cracks that a diverse set of users may encounter.  Any idea if the wiki has been given any consideration for a makeover in the foreseeable future?  Thanks.
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