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Moving Between States Automatically in BPs
Round in circles for hours. How do I get my BP States to move on automatically to another state. I can do it all manually, but I can't figure out how to make the new state start automatically without having to prompt it in the BP screen.

Set Birthday Task on Contact Creation
Thanks Yana

I'd viewed the video and have read the documentation on the training site. It would appear that I need to use the [COLOR=#333333][I][B]=dateadd([initial date], [time span])[/B][/I][/COLOR] function. I can easily add days or months or years to the[B][I] {=Document:BIRTHDATE}[/I][/B] field and the task deadline ends up the date I am expecting. It's when I am trying do do something a bit more clever that I am getting in a muddle with and could do with some guidance from yourself or another.

So... in my example [I][B]{=Document:BIRTHDATE}[/B][/I] equals[I] [B]04/09/1981[/B][/I]. My business process should set the date of the contact's next birthday, so in this case if it was run today it would set the due date to [B][I]04/09/2015[/I][/B].

To do this I actually need to calculate the amount of years to add in the second argument of =dateadd as opposed to providing it a number. Any ideas on how I do that ccalculation I have something like this in my mind.

[I][B]=dateadd([/B][/I][I][B]{=Document:BIRTHDATE}, "+xy") [/B][/I]where x is some sort of year calculation based on today's date. :/

Help is appreciated. Thanks
Set Birthday Task on Contact Creation
I am trying to figure out a way to set a task up so when a contact is created, it take a birthday entered and creates a task with a due date of the contacts next birthday (or a few days before) and assigns it to someone. It's the getting the logic to create the due date on the next birthday(or a few days before) that I'm stuck on... help. This is probably so obvious!

PS. Newby to Bitrix.
Mail Merge, Mass Mail Merge for Leads
Throw my hat in the ring too. Would be a good function to have and I would use it too. Ta.
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