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Tasks sync in outlook, Is it possible? and how
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:
Hi ,

Bitrix24 tasks can be only exported to Outlook  (tasks>all>filter>export to Outlook), I've passed your suggestion for tasks sync with Outlook to the dev team. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Yana - if you export the tasks to Outlook, will they update when you enter a new task in Bitrix24 or is it only a one time dump; meaning as I add new tasks in Bitrix24 they won't continue to update in outlook?
Calendar invites, How to invite external customers
Yana Prokopetswrote:
Hi Matthew!

Extranet users don't have their own calendars, only extranet workgroup calendar is available from the workgroup module, which means that you cannnot add extranet user as guest to the calendar event (when you add user as guest to the calendar event, this event is added to the user's personal calendar, but extranet users do not have personal calendars).


Yana - I'm not sure I understand your message.  What is an Extranet user? I just want to be able to invite my customers that are not Bitrix24 users, so that the appointment will go into their personal calendars (not their Bitrix24 calendars).  Is there a way to make that happen?  
Calendar invites, How to invite external customers
When creating appointments in the calendar I am struggling with identifying how to invite external customers.  When I create the appointment and click invite - my customer list does not come up.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way to ensure the customers get the invite in their calendars as well as mine?
Calendar Syncing with, Need help
Hello - I see that it says you can connect your calendar with Outlook but it does not specify which version.  I do not have Outlook installed on my computer but I do have an Outlook.Com account and I use that calendar.  

Is there a way for me to sync my Outlook.Com calendar with Bitrix24?  When I hit the Outlook button in the calendar section nothing happens.  
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