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Bug on Saving uploaded photo

Please check on Workgroup's Photo feature, after I uploaded a photo the system won't allow me to save. There is "Upload" and "Add more" buttons, but noway you can click on Upload to save it, hover the mouse over Upload button makes Add more to change effect.

Please help
Strange bug on invitation
Please help the following bug on user invitation to external workgroup, cases are as below:

- An extranet user is already joined one workgroup.
- I created a new workgroup and use add new extranet user option, with "create login" option and send to this extranet user.
- The extranet user cannot join the workgroup due to account already registered (show "invalid login information";).

Link clicked:

Message: "Invalid registration data"

- If I tried to add exisiting extranet user:

Link clicked:
Message: "Error! You have not accepted invitation on"

- If I logged in account of the user, there is no invitation in "You are invited"

- If I logged into, there are two records of the user, one is in "Extranet" and one is in "Invited".

What to do next?

"Edit" vs "Limited Edit"

When I am configuring files & folders permission, what are the different between "Edit" vs "Limited Edit"?

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