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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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The configure filter under tags on the mobile app will only accept "all", so you cant chose "my tasks"
When you enter the tasks in the mobile app, all the tasks from all people are there. So you have the option to press "configure filter" and then you can choose My tasks, assigned to me, created by me, all etc. etc. But not matter what i do it stays on "all", so each time I use my phone I have to look through hundreds of tasks, not only my own.

Tried reinstalling bitrix, logging out etc. etc. but it stays on "ALL"

Anybody have the same issue and maybe have a solution to this? I did try other phone with the same result....
Gantt Chart zoom // tasks not ordered by date on mobile app // groups not updated on mobile app
HI, I have a few questions I cant figure out and cant find described anywere here in the forum. I hope someone can help :-)

1) The Gantt chart is shown over a month so when you have 25 tasks per day its impossible to get an overview, is it possible to choose day or week like in the calender?

2) When using the mobile app all tasks get mixed up and taske in march is prior to tasks in january - on the web version its ordered by date. How is this possible to change?

3) The groups are not updated on the mobile app - I deleted the standard groups on the web version and created new groups, but the old groups are still on the mobile app and none of the new ones are there.

4) All my calender meetings are on the online version, but only one meeting are on the mobile app, no matter what I do I can only see one meeting on the mobile app. Why? Thanks in advance if anybody can help :-)

Regards, Dan
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