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adding event doesn't add to calendar
Hold on.

Whilst it didn't do previously, when you add a meeting or call to a contact, deal etc. it now goes into the calendar.

Although only 1 person is allowed to be on a call or go to the meeting.

You cannot edit properly from the entry itself, you have to find the entry in the calendar and edit from there.

It would be nice to have the ability to start and to finish in Bitrix24 the meeting and/or call like you would a task since there seems to be no mechanism to track time.

(The obvious solution is to treat all meetings and calls as tasks since they allow multiple contacts (& deals & companies), allow time tracking and be easily edited - but this is not intuitive)
How to assign several contacts to 1 deal
Dear Ron,

Sorry for the confusion.  I was referring to a hypothetical solution.  As far as I'm aware, Bitrix24 cannot yet create a custom field conditionally on the entry in another field.  It would be a great advance if it could.  (Is this true Yana?  Any plans to introduce?)

That's why I proposed the fiddley summary display edit solution.

I think a usual (prior) solution is to have form fillers declare their country then have the telephone number in a local format.  I think some forms should be able to insist on a correctly formatted number for the selected country.

Hope his helps,

How to assign several contacts to 1 deal
Dear Rob,

Some good news.

1.  As far as I'm aware, it's possible to add more than 1 contact to a deal.

2.  Bitrix24 still doesn't seem to allow conference calls nor meetings with more than 1 person. Yana: any update on when this glitch will be rectified?

3. In terms of workarounds to add +1 to a telephone number, the solution would be custom fields determined by other fields (i.e. for contacts with US addresses, a field could be created adding +1 to the number (if not already there).

Until there is a proper bulk edit facility, I would search by country, sort by number (oh, I forgot, Bitrix24 doesn't do that. Yana, can that be fixed too?) and edit in the summary view (ensuring country and number are on display). Fiddly and time consuming I know but should solve the problem.

Bitrix24 has some great customisation capabilities but sometimes things slip through.

Hope this helps,

Drop-down lists in custom fields
Thanks Yana,

Why extremely useful, custom fields for lists where more than one choice can be selected cannot be put into the Blue pane (single answer multiple choice can).

It is also not possible to edit form from the summary (contact, company etc.) view.

Is there a plan to correct this problem?


Tracking cold calls, Track daily cold call totals, subdivided by phone calls vs visits
Hi B24_12889477,

Isn't the answer to convert the Lead to a Deal?


P.S.  Thanks for the book tip
Company & Contact address fields missing?, Address fields show on New Lead, but not on New Company or New Contact
Hi Sean,

Because the built-in address fields don't work very well in Bitrix24, I'd recommend building your own custom fields (for street, city etc.).

It's like a breath of fresh air: better display, can just put city into the blue panel, no page freezing, easier sorting etc.

One problem I still haven't yet got around is the inability to have multiple address, which would be particularly useful for those who work for multiple companies (more than you think) and for companies with more than one location (quite usual).

Meeting activity - Add both a company and a contact and/or multiple contacts, How do I add both a company and a contact and/or multiple contacts to a meeting activity?
Thanks Yana,

Could you add me to those supporting the idea of incorporating "conference calls" to Bitrix24?  It's such a common and normal business feature.

Similar with meetings too.  Many meetings take place with more than 2 people.

Thanks again,

Customize Company blue header summary, How to customize the fields in the blue header summary of Companies?
Thanks Yana,

I'm trying without success to put [B]Products [/B]in the [B]Deal [/B]blue panel.

Is this possible?


Invitation to a colleague for a meeting in CRM Area, Is it possible to send an invitation to a colleague for a meeting in "Company" or "Lead" zones of CRM area?
Hi Yana,

Please add my vote to this.

It seems odd that a sophisticated CRM like Bitrix24 doesn't allow the possibility of having more than one employee attend a meeting.

The same problem applies to conference calls, which have been a popular business tool for decades but Bitrix24 still doesn't allow it.

Logging information, call details, conversations

Your link looked useful.


Has it moved elsewhere?


Please advise how I can set up clients and customers in CRM, Suggest how separate accounts in crm
1. "Leads"

The use or otherwise of "Leads" is a philosophical question linked in to how you run your business.  It seems like we have similar structural issues.  The approach I have taken is as follows (no doubt others would use another approach).

a)    Ignore leads for some time (see below).  Set up your database as contacts and companies.  Make sure your notes get put into a field (you can create custom fields then allocate them on import).  Also, I understand Leads only works on individuals not companies.

b) As a tip, clean up your database before importing, e.g. eliminate duplicates, make spelling consistent, make sure e-mail addresses only are in the right column, breaking out categories.  This biggest one for me is creating custom address fields and then duplicating for other addresses.  It's a lot easier to edit pre-Bitrix24 than when you are in. (You can once in but it's time-consuming; I also find it's much quicker to edit in Opera; Chrome can be ultra-slow for Bitrix24).

c)  The advantage of using Leads first is that you can create (by conversion) Contact, Company and Deal in one go.  I'm not yet at that stage because most of the people I'm doing business with are already in the system.

d)  It's my intention to use leads for new external approaches fr om potential customers from website forms.  If they've approached, then I think they should also be in deal as there is a likelihood they will buy something, so a conversion from leads to contact, company and deal seems correct.  I'm not sure yet how to deal with existing customers who approach via the website form.

2.  "Deals"

The way Bitrix24 is that you go to "Deals" to manage a sale so it is normal to be there when it closes.

I still don't know what to classify as a "Deal":  is it when I want to approach a potential customer, have approached that customer or when that customer has shown interest?  This I think you have to answer yourself.

For example, if I e-mail 30 contacts to buy a product (as at present), do they all go in as 30 deals?  In theory, yes but it would be very time consuming, especially when the number gets into the 1,000s, which I'm hoping will happen.  It might work when when I've understood automation, which seems great but I want to get a good functioning system first, all of which takes time and I'm not there yet.

P.S.  I've not yet fully understood the intended link/difference between "quotes" and "deals", which seem to have similar functions. It would make more sense if you could link the two.

3.  "Contacts"

Yes, I think that they remain as contacts forever.  I'm still trying to think of a way to record all product approaches to each customer (I'm expecting a low % take-up but still want to know what they've been sent).  Perhaps 1,000s of "deals" is the answer.

4.  "Deal stages" / pipelines

I have multiple products types wh ere the sales process is very different.  Starting on the free version, which only has one series of "deal stages" ("pipeline"), I merged all the stages of all the sales processes into one list, which seemed to work but is really a fudge.

The $200/month plan allows multiple deal stages.  I'm presently using the Professional version but haven't yet incorporated different "pipelines", mainly because I'm not sure I'll keep on this plan.

I also use "deals" and the pipeline for non-revenue business, such as signing up a new distributor.  I'm not sure this is right but it works for me for the moment.

Good luck,  I'd be interested in your comments/experience

Please advise how I can set up clients and customers in CRM, Suggest how separate accounts in crm
Dear Tiza,

I'm sure others have better insights than me but these are my comments for what it's worth.  I've been using Bitrix24 for a little over a year and while it can be immensely frustrating at times, it's probably the best on the market at the moment.

Whilst the points below appear to be criticism, I think overall Bitrix24 is great and worthwhile, particularly if you put in the effort to work out how it works.  It lists some of the simple pitfalls beginners experience and, in many cases, no one explains.

Bitrix24 has some great and simple customisation ability, although not without some odd needless quirks.

1.   A  lot depends on what you have already, which might determine both how you set it up and also how you import existing data.

2.  Don't rush to import your contacts and companies.  It is quite likely that they will need to customised before they are imported, which will save you massive headaches later (I imported my c10,000 contacts in from Outlook only to find that it did not respect any categorisation naturally; I needed to have set it up first.)  Bitrix24 has no bulk edit facility.  Its "duplication facility" is quite primitive based on on exact matches of name, telephone and e-mail address.  You cannot "merge" companies or contacts.  Bitrix24 only has 1 address for each company or contact, but as the address facility doesn't work well I would advise setting up custom fields for street, city etc.  This will also allow other addresses (e.g. home) etc.  Despite what it claims, Bitrix24 does not have a functioning export/import facility whereby you think you can expert contacts and companies to Excel, bulk edit then re import.

3.  I recommend that you import a few contacts/companies initially to see what you need and how it works before you import the lot.

4.  You seem to have two lines of business, with either hotels or punters as customers.  To me that implies that you might have two different types of "deal stages" to progress each potential piece of business.  You can either combine the stages or pay for the professional version ($200/month) to allow different analysis.

5.  If you stump up for the professional version, you can create unlimited online forms which integrate well directly with "leads".  In theory, other, externally created forms can do the same but I haven't yet done that.

6.  In theory, it has great telephony but I've been working at it a month and still haven't got it working properly.  Customer support and online help, whilst polite, are not very useful (they should look at Mailchimp if they want to get some ideas on good online help).  I've been paying 3rd party consultants to try to get it to work, so far without success.  It also has a transcription facility, which I've signed up for but still not seen in action. That could be great if I can get it to work.

7.  E-mail also leaves a lot to be desired.  You can get blindly copied in but you don't see the recipient and have to guess from the salutation (e.g. Dear Fred).

8.  There is, again in theory, e-mail integration with existing systems (e.g. gmail).  I have subscribed to this but nothing has happened.  The lack of a help desk does not reduce the frustration.  The same with the domain name.  You just think, what is the point?

9.  There are also, in theory, some great external apps but I haven't got a single one to work well within Bitrix24.  Take Mailchimp, it appears almost impossible to use it properly within Bitrix24; I have to create my list, export it then import to Mailchimp.  It works but it means you have effectively to manage two CRMs.  It would be so much easier if they worked together.  Both sides claim it's the other's fault.

In short, you need to work out exactly what you're trying to do and my suggestion is to try to use the system on a small number so you can see how it works in practice before moving completely.

If only Bitrix24 could deal with these simple issues, it would sweep the market.  There's an open goal.

Good luck.  It should be worth the effort and frustrations.

Desktop App will not load
Hi Yana,

It seems even worse for me.

I've installed a few times & asked to reboot, then nothing.

Tracked down bitrix24.exe and bitrix24.desktop.exe and nothing found when clicked (see screenshots).

Am I missing something here?

Cannot exprort all contacts, I cannot export all contact records - are there any limitations for export
Thanks Yana,

Does this mean that you think the glitch has been fixed?

I just tried again on my 16,000 contacts and only 5,168 were exported.

And then only 6 columns of information - I'd like my c.100 custom fields.

Am I doing something wrong or should I just give up?

What would happen when I really wanted to export, not just creating a workaround?


Add linkedin field, Add Linkedin field in websites section for company & contact
Good idea.  Thanks
Overview of Telephony Services Provided
Thanks Yana,

I have bought some telephone credits.

I have set up the SIP phone with the user's server, login and password.

The handset give me a dial tone.

When I click the telephone number in Bitrix24 I get the following message:

"You cannot make calls because the system cannot access the webcam and/or microphone."

I was rather expecting the system to route it through to the SIP telephone.

Can you tell me what is going wrong?


Add linkedin field, Add Linkedin field in websites section for company & contact
Understood re LinkedIn integration.

Is there a way of amending the "Site" drop down menu to include the option for LinkedIn?

If you look at the "Site" drop down menu, there are 6 options and only the "Corporate" one is more important than LinkedIn.  Is there a way of modifying "Other" to "LinkedIn"?

I know you can do a custom field (also can be seen on screenshot) - but this is text only - not a url link.  Is there a way of making it a link?

Using Companies as the STARTING point, Defining a process to handle Leads that are customers
Yes.  The helpdesk has died without warning or notification for free accounts.

I hope they are sorting out the simple issues, which seem to have been ignored at the expense of more sophisticated stuff, which is great if people can get that far.
Companies and Company details are confusing

Was this after you "reset settings" for a "new company"?

Edited: Charles Hancock - 05/29/2017 18:11:30 (typo)
Companies and Company details are confusing
You're right, that is weird.

I have added quite a few custom fields but removed no default.

Do you use the own server version?  Perhaps it needs updating?  I use the cloud.
Companies and Company details are confusing
Dear Monsieur Viguier,

I agree that the lack of intuitiveness is by far the biggest reason people don't take up Bitrix24.  When recommending Bitrix24 to others, I have to stress it will be worthwhile trying to overcome the lack of intuitiveness.  I have written a 20 page instruction note for employees to explain how it works (Bitrix24 explanations could be so much better).

I am confused by, however, by the specific point of your post.

When entering a new company, I find no need to enter the name of the company more than once (see screenshots).

It appears that you or someone else has added significant customization.

I think that using custom fields is a good way of getting round Bitrix24's appalling default address fields (no easy edit facility, unusual format, really slow (i.e over 1 minute) input for each field etc.).  These problems are removed by using custom fields but that shouldn't be the case.
Edited: Charles Hancock - 05/29/2017 11:48:39 (Typo)
Overview of Telephony Services Provided
Having read through the above posts, I am still not that much clearer.  I have also been through the "training course".

I have some SIP handsets which I have connected to our network.

I have "connected" myself to the system (although it doesn't seem to mean anything).

I do not subscribe to any external telephone company but understand I can use Bitrix24, which I am happy to pay for. (please tell me if this is not true).

Hence, how do I set up my system.  The telephone (Polycom IP 321) just says "url call is disabled" when I pick up the handset.

Can anyone help me get connected?


Using Companies as the STARTING point, Defining a process to handle Leads that are customers
I have the same issue.

Does one just ignore the person's name information and just enter the company's name?

Cannot exprort all contacts, I cannot export all contact records - are there any limitations for export
Yes.  "Include in Export" does not solve the problem (in fact I'd rather assumed that it only worked at all if you "included in export").

I'm getting worried about this issue since it essentially means that you cannot move your CRM elsewhere.
Edited: Charles Hancock - 05/22/2017 00:50:54
associating contacts to multiple companies
I write as a fan of Bitrix24.

As far as I am aware, it is now possible to have multiple companies associated with a contact - and has been for some time.  (Choose select/create in a contact edit)

That is a great advance.

A.) However, it does come with a flaw.  The contact can only have one "position" overall; not a different position with each company.  E.g. the CEO of one company might be a non-executive director of another.

I would have thought that this is an easy glitch to remove.

There are also follow-on aspects which should be incorporated:

B.)  There should be a way to associate group companies.

C.)  There should be multiple addresses for each contact and company (many companies have multiple offices).

D.)  The address function must be improved.  It usually takes over a minute to add a new address (I actually use the scan business card feature on my mobile which, although very fiddly (because for reading errors), is easier than entering manually).

It's great that Bitrix24 is spreading its features into new areas but it would be much better to get simple CRM issues sorted.  If customers get frustrated with the CRM, they won't stay around for the more sophisticated stuff.

I could go on.

Cannot exprort all contacts, I cannot export all contact records - are there any limitations for export
Yes.  I have the same problem, although with larger numbers.

Every time I export, I get a completely different number of contacts.

I have 10,000 plus contacts and get exports of between 4,000 and 6,000.

Any help appreciated.

Contacts, sorting contacts and search fields
Yes.  Thanks.  I just assumed that as it was possible to sort on last name is should also be possible to sort alphabetically.

Yes, your workaround works and that's what I've been doing.  Not idea but I can live with it.

Contacts, sorting contacts and search fields
I notice that sorting contacts by name (i.e. "Contact") actually sorts by Surname/last name.

Can this be changed to sort by first name?

Is there a way to change which fields are visible depending on the type of Lead/Contact/Company?
I would support this feature.

I am interested in different aspects depending on the type of contact (e.g. customer, supplier, agent, employee etc.) so it would be useful to get different views depending on type.
CRM hangs, Adding big data causes B24 to hang
I, too, have added c.100 custom fields.

I have way more that 10 "string" fields but most are not presently used, mainly because updating gets very slow (c.1 minute / entry).  Because it's so slow, this part has irritatingly had to wait.

I was beginning to think that the problem might be to do with the number of fields.

I also get a similar problem entering the address (which needs a lot of re-configuring, not only to add a multiple address feature), which has been discussed elsewhere, although I have seen no movement towards resolving this problem.

Also, the act of "showing" a field wipes out any text I've input.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have this problem with a smaller number of fields.

This is particularly annoying when adding a new contact/company where showing a new field comes at the end of the data input, causing you to have to re-enter everything.  Thanks.

The "workaround" is to save data before "showing" a field.
Custom fields for Catalog/Products
Thanks Ladislav,,

I'm progressing slowly but I think it all comes back to there being no "bulk edit".

I'm glad it's not just me having problems with Mailchimp integration with Bitrix24.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Record sent campaign with Contact / Company as an Activity [IMG WIDTH=16 HEIGHT=16][/IMG]
Custom fields for Catalog/Products
Dear Ladislav,

Thank you for your post.

I agree with you.  It doesn't feel right classifying every possible idea as a "deal".  That's why I'd like to associate with a "product", then I decide when to make a "deal" (e.g. if they come back showing interest).  If you don't do this, you soon have thousands and thousands of "deals", which go nowhere and just build up over time.

I'm trying Mailchimp integration with Bitrix24 (so far unsuccessfully) but that doesn't solve the problem.  I'd like to be able to search "contacts" or "companies" by products so I can decide whom to approach.  Interestingly, you can do it with "leads", but that is no good if the person is already a "contact".

There appears scope to add CRM elements to a "product" (which would solve the problem) but it doesn't appear to work.

I like your faith that there will be something in Bitrix24.  I have a bit too, which is why I'm posting this.  But sadly, not always.

Best regards,

Custom fields for Catalog/Products
Thanks Yana,

1.  To clarify a question early in this post, it now appears that "Products" can have "custom fields" (CRM>Settings>Product Properties>+Add).  Great progress.

2.  However, although there is an option "Bind to CRM items", this does not appear to be true.  I cannot seem to get a link to "contacts" or "companies".  Am I reading it wrongly?

3.  In relation to "Deals", I've no present problem how they are designed.  The original problem relates to linking "products".  I was seeing if there is a workaround using "deals" instead of "products".

4.  In relation to this workaround, I want to link a large number (e.g. 100s) of companies/contacts to a deal.  Is it back to the "bulk edit" problem?

Thanks again,

Custom fields for Catalog/Products
Thank you Yana,

I am trying to create a list of contacts to whom I should like to propose a certain product, which I suspect is a very common business situation.

Hence, I should like to link a number of contacts to that product and then to be able to search for contacts who have been thus sel ected.

Fr om what I am reading above, it appears that the only way of doing this is to create a deal for each contact, which can be very time consuming if you have hundreds (or more) of contacts to approach.

You also mention quotes and invites as ways of binding a contact to a product but I cannot find find out how to do this.

Can you help me on this normal business problem?


Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
I've been playing round a bit with custom fields.  Two irritations I have found:

1.  Apart from the name, it's very difficult to edit a custom field.  You generally have to delete and start all over again.  Which can be a nightmare.  Which leads me on to the next point.

2.  In custom fields Lists, it appears you can multiple edit (in, say, Company view) with the drop down menu option but not the check box option.  Even worse, you cannot change the option so you have to decide which option at the beginning.  As you can probably guess, check boxes are just so much easier than drop down so this is a severe limitation.

It highlights the need for a bulk edit facility.

Any thoughts Yana?


Email template - fields in subject
I think I saw something somewhere which said not possible.

i don't know if that's been superseded.
Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Hi Praveen,

As I understand it, Bitrix24 doesn't do bulk edit.

If you've only got 20 or so, it shouldn't matter.  Just quick ticking.

I think Bitrix24 is looking at bulk edit but don't hold your breath.

All the best,

Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Hi Praveen,

I wonder if the following might work:

1.  Create a custom field in Contacts.  Let's call it "Praveen's List".  Make it a "yes/no" field.

2.  In the Contact search page, edit the columns so that "Praveen's List" shows.

3.  Search for all your contacts with a telephone number.

4.  Select all.

5.  Press the edit button.

6.  Praveen's List will now show up on the page for each contact.  

7.  You can then mark the ones you want (or don't want) to keep in your list.

8.  For future searches, search on Praveen's List.

I know this works in Leads but I haven't tried it in Contacts.  It's a pity you can't add to the actions options (like the ability to set stages in Deal lists).

Let me know if it works.

I know that Bitrix24 has to improve its bulk edit capability.  This isn't bulk edit but it might suffice for your purposes.

Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Hi Praveen,

As I understand it, by applying the search criteria, you have created a group of existing CRM Contacts.

Re-look at my re-attached screenshot.

It shows to the right a number of tabs (private equity investors, quote micro-cap, Africa etc.), which gives a group as previously specified.

Apart from having to press "search" again, it is effectively the same as having a group.

Let me know if you were looking for/found something else.

Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Hi Praveen,

I'm not able to help on localhost but you can easily search your contacts and add the field "Has phone" by clicking on the "+" sign at the bottom right hand corner of the Contacts search box.

You then tick this box and then click search.

Please see attached.

Send form from CRM with prefilled fields
I should also be very much interested in this.

It is particularly useful to have subscribers confirm/amend their preferences.

Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Editing fields is back up.
Adding group option in left panel, For my existing contacts i want to create a groups based on some criteria, is their any possibilities to customize and add it.?? Please any one help out..
Is the solution to create a new field and to search/to sort on the basis of that field (e.g Group A etc.)?

(editing fields is still down).
Can I add new website types to new lead form?
P.S.  Drew,

You could perhaps just create a new field, as I have done for LinkedIn.  Not ideal but kind of works.

(Editing fields is still down).

Can I add new website types to new lead form?
I'd like to ask for a similar request for the telephone.

At the moment, you cannot distinguish between a company line and a direct line.

Products into calendar and others questions
It has not been possible to edit field for a few weeks.  Your colleagues told me the glitch had been fixed but it's still not working.

Let me know if you can edit fields.  I can't.  Look at the attached screenshot.

Products into calendar and others questions
Thanks Yana,

Any idea when we'll be able to edit fields again?

I was told the problem was fixed last week but still no change on my site.


Feature request: email templates
Thanks Yana,

1.  I still don't get any field added, for bulk or otherwise.

2.  There is just a small list of available field not "all available fields" as you say.

Is this related to the present Fields problem?


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