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New account took old email address, Cant LogIn
How do I INCLUDE ALL accounts under one email address, from me the ADMIN?

Thank you.
New account took old email address, Cant LogIn
Hi There,

LOVE Bitrix24

1) 1st account > I set up a free account on one domain ( using an email address (

2) When I set up a second/NEW account, I set it up using a completely different domain ( >
and now, it Took the SAME email from the 1st account.

So, how do I log-in using my 2nd domain? In the admin panel, I was able to change the email address > but now a password recovery doesn't work.

Help > I can't get into the 2nd account.
Download Folder
Hi There,

Can you please tell me how to DOWNLOAD a number of files all at once? I thought there were options to download a FOLDER in MYDRIVE?

Also, is there any connection between Google Drive and Britix24? If so, how would I set something like this up?

Thank you so much.
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