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Some Ideas
I cannot find a way to start a post in this forum. So I am posting here.
I can only reply to existing posts. Is something wrong with the forum?

I am trying to learn what the email capabilities are. Like any business person, I want to send out email blasts from time to time advertising my latest offerings. Can I do that? Similar to MailChimp. Then I want to follow up with everyone. I need double opt in. Does the CRM do that? I need to be able to send to groups by geographical area or interest. If I use an existing email address from my domain, will I lose the capability to use my usual email client (Apple Mail)? Is there an IMAP option, not just POP? Can people auto unsubscribe? Can they subscribe to a subset of emails they might be interested in and unsubscribe from others. Can they subscribe on my web page? What is possible with communications in Bitrix24? Is there a written manual? It seems very hard to learn the capabilities without any documentation.

How can I learn the capabilities other than trial and error?
Bug on Saving uploaded photo
I am having this problem also, on two computers.
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