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Extract field from the CONTACT and put into DEALS

Is there any way how can I connect DEAL with mail/phone field from the CONTACTS? Basically, in definition of the business proces related to deal, I would like send information about deal stage to the contact`s email address. Ufnortunattely, I can seletct only contacts ID.
Thx in advance.
Products in selection lists, Products, selection lists
When product list is loaded, how we can change e.g. price of existing products? I know that it can be done one by one, but is there any other way?
Creating a list
Hello Aaron,

I`m a little bit confused now :) Did you manage to create a list with fields like name, surname... etc.
I do need to have a field in the list which is related to contacts/companies from CRM modul. Can someone help?
For example, is is possible to use a list as evidence of account payables? Is there any way how list can be exported?


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