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Drive renaming issue
What I did now is copying a folder with subfolders into a subfolder in my local drive, what happend is that the copied subfolders ended up in the root directory of my web-drive when I looked at the sync status in the browser.

This is driving me crazy, it is impossible to use that software as the file handling is inexplicable. Please announce it when you release have a [U]working[/U] syncing-software like dropbox or google drive, I will stop using it so far.
Drive renaming issue
Either the Drive tool is full of bugs, handling the files in a strange manner, or I am too stupid to use it.

First of all I had many files with a red cross symbolizing that they are not synced corrctly, how does this happen and how can I fix it?

Anyway, I decided to rename several folders with unsynced files in it because I found out that the files in there get synced again somehow after renaming. After that I had the newly uploaded renamed folders but also the folders with the old names looking at my drive in the web portal. So why is this happening? I want to have the same synced structure on my PC and in the web-drive and not some duplicates in web drive after renaming folders.

Also when I renamed single files they were completely deleted from my pc and some of them just showed up in the root folder of my drive?!

With this somehow inexplicable behaviour it is impossible to store files securely within drive, because you don't know what folders and files are on PC and what are in web-drive, or are there just some things you shouldn't do in the drive folder on PC so that everything works fine?
Some Ideas
Strato and 1und1 and are a well known german Hosting companies.
Some Ideas
#1 I would like to see the possibility to create anonymous polls.
#2 It would be great if one could hide the Marketplace-tab generally, as normal users can't install Marketplace Apps anyway.
#3 Screen sharing possiblity within video conferences.
#4 Meeting room booking in cloud version (maybe also car reservation).
#5 E-Mail Hosting with other partners (most german companies probably don't want their emails hosted at yandex in russia).
#6 More stable Drive tool - I have continuous bugs with the sync function, managing files with drive [U]securely [/U]is essential!
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