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Business Process - When Changed
[QUOTE]Patrick Keanewrote:

[QUOTE]This is perfect. Did the same thing only without the custom field.
Thank you [/QUOTE]
Hi Anders,

Rhys's solution seems to be the best! How did you do this without the custom field?[/QUOTE]

Hi Patrick.

We used the built inn states in Bitrix, the same way as with a custom field.
However, as we kept mapping out the BP we needed to add custom fields to further specify what stage and BP to run. I got a bit complicated, but the use of nested if statements and the "wait for event" statement does the job pretty neatly. We found it important to have the BP`s listen for newly created and changes to contacts/deals/ect

We now have a BP that runs if a contact is a customer (built inn Bitrix field), then we determine what product the customer has purchased, if no product listed, then wait for a product, then it checks what has happen with that product, is it shipped, etc, and starts the BP-tasks at the relevant point. We even have BPs to send out email to customers :)
Hosted Email and other email questions

I have two questions:

1. How do I open a new forum post?
2. We have the cloud version, and attaced our mailserver to Bitrix. But everytime I press Mail in Bitrix I am beeing redirected to Yandex.mail. Beleived that mail was directly from Bitrix via Yandex servers, not everything from Yandex. How can I have the Mail button to not redirect me to Yandex.mail and instead have the mail inside Bitrix?

Kind regards
Business Process - When Changed
[QUOTE]Rhys Gottwaldwrote:
I got it, works for me 100%

 Create a custom field called "current deal stage."  Configure filed this to pull the deal stages from CRM  Create a BP that executes on deal change  First step is to create a condition that checks to see if your custom field, current deal stage, is the same as the deal stage  If it is do nothing  If it is not run your workflows  The last step is to update the custom field to be the same as the deal stage.
 Job done[/QUOTE]

This is perfect. Did the same thing only without the custom field.
Thank you :)
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