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Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
Thank you for the comment Ann, but if you read the first sentence of the GoDaddy KB article, it says:

"In order to request an SSL certificate, you must first generate and submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to the Certification Authority (CA). Your Web server software generates the CSR and creates your public/private key pair that you will use to encrypt and decrypt secure transactions."

Bitrix24 Cloud Hosted versions are hosted on YOUR web servers, so YOU need to create a CSR for me. I am unable to get an SSL certificate with the CSR generated from the server YOU host my cloud service on.

Unless I'm mistaken, having an SSL certificate for a custom domain is something you need to handle on your end. If this was a self-hosted version of Bitrix24 (i.e. on my servers), then I would need to handle it.

Please provide some clearer direction on this.
Image associated with Workgroup not displaying
Thanks for the confirmation, Kate!

My browser is Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari running on Mac OS X.
Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
Who do we purchase the SSL Certificate with? Bitrix?

If I go to GoDaddy to purchase an SSL Certificate, they require a CSR in order to generate the SSL Certificate and I don't have any way to do that unless you provide that information.
Image associated with Workgroup not displaying
In the past, I've had no problem with this, but it appears that while I am able to upload an image for a Workgroup (icon to display beside the workgroup name), it never shows up after it's uploaded.

Viewing ALL Workgroups for the Intranet Administrator
Thanks Evgeniya!
Viewing ALL Workgroups for the Intranet Administrator
As the Intranet Administrator, I should be able to at least see ALL workgroups that are created on the Intranet instance, however several of our users are creating Workgroups and I am unable to see that they have been created, nor am I able to monitor the storage requirements for each workgroup.

Please advise.
Unable to use the multiple document uploading on Mac
Thanks you, Anna.

This is definitely a major bug, especially with more and more people moving to the Mac product line. I would be extremely pleased to see this updated as soon as possible.

Unable to use the multiple document uploading on Mac
Thank you, Anna.

Can you confirm the timeline for this bug fix? The majority of our users are on Mac products, so this would be extremely beneficial to have fixed prior to our full rollout in the next few weeks.


Unable to use the multiple document uploading on Mac
We are looking to implement Bitrix24 in our non-profit organization, however we are running into a challenge when uploading multiple documents to any of the document libraries using Apple desktops and notebooks (e.g. Apple iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.x and 10.8.x)

Utilizing a variety of browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox, the following problems are occurring:
[LIST][*]In the "Standard" view of the Multiple Document Uploader, none of the buttons work when they are clicked (i.e. "Add Folder" or "Add Files") which means we can't select any files to upload.[*]In the "Classic" view, we are able to browse the local directory structure and "check" the files we want to upload, however when clicking the "Upload Files" button, nothing happens at all.
[/LIST]In the "Simple" view, we are able to successfully upload multiple files, but have to go through the tedious process of selecting one file at a time.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this will be a MAJOR challenge for our user base and a support question that will continuously come up over time.

Kind regards,

Glenn van Gulik
Date of newly uploaded file shows as "yesterday"
When uploading a file to a workgroup, the file is immediately displayed as having been uploaded "yesterday'. (screenshot attached)

I double checked the "properties" of the file and it has the correct date/time, but on the "Files" page, it is listed as "Yesterday". (screenshot attached)

I've checked all timezone settings and tried a variety of combinations, but nothing causes it to be displayed as "Today".

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Move employee to extranet user
Can you advise if this has been resolved? I too have created a test user and want to remove them completely.

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