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Tasks templates
I've been using Backpack for 9 years but I am looking for something with more storage and integration between the calendar and the tasks.
I'm tempted by Bitrix 24 but there are a couple of things that are stopping me. Looks like lots of others are also mentioning 2 of these - but I thought that I would add my voice to the
feedback. You are offering this for free initially - so you deserve some free user feedback.
1.  No sub tasks in Task templates.
As some wise person has already said - what is the point of a template without sub tasks? You may as well just go ahead and create a new task. This would be a really good time saver.
2. You cannot reorder subtasks once you have created them.  This is really annoying if you work from a to do list - it means planning ahead all of the steps in a task and they might not
occur to you in the order you want to action them. It is a serious oversight - and a deal breaker for me.
3. There is sometimes a need to be able to assign things to another company without making them into a user. Here is an example from the field of publishing - 'Printers to provide spine width for new book'. This is something that an external agency - the printers - are going to do - and I cannot design the cover before they do this - so it needs to go on the list. But I cannot create them as a contact without adding their email address and sending them an invite to join. I don't really want them to join - I just need to be able to referance them without having to explain to them why they have got an email request to join. There may be things on the system that I do not want external companies to be able to view.
I think you need the facility to create external companies without having to give them an email address - and restrict their access to view things.
Even as a check box overide - this would be a really useful feature to have - although I guess there are work arounds.
4. It would be good to be able to categorise and colour code Tasks - in my case  Books in production, Covers in production. Advance information sheets, Press and publicity etc etc etc
So you could view all of the Tasks that fit into that Category.

So to sum up this is a promising piece of software but there is a great deal of hassle - moving over from Backpack is a big process - and I love the way that backpack lets you reorder tasks - I am not switching until issues 1 and 2 have been addressed. After that.. I'm in.
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