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Search Extensions always gives error on Intranet operability check., Search document content The feature is out of order. Fix errors.

Every time I make the Intranet Operativity check, I get this error:[TABLE][TR][TD]Search document contents[/TD][TD]

The feature is out of order. Fix errors.[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]The system can search text in documents in Open XML format (introduced in
Microsoft Office 2007) out of the box. To support other file formats,
specify paths to parsing applications [URL=]in the Intranet module settings[/URL]. Otherwise, the system will be able to search filenames only.

In the intranet module settings, I tried everything, from defaults, to personalised filters, to empty filters, just one or two of them, and always get the same error. The default extensions are doc, pdf, ppt, pdf.

Checking the php code, it writes a success.doc file in bitrix/tmp, write the string "SUCCESS" and then it tries to read it again through the CIntranetSearchConverters::OnSearchGetFileContent function.

BTW, I've checked the tmp dir, and have full permissions.

Any help would be appreciated. :D

Miguel Angel.
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