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Calendar Sharing, How to write a meeting schedule on others Calendar
Regarding calendars... I gave all permisions to my managers... i invited them to the calendar individualy... i invited them through workgroup that i created and there is still no calendars showing in their bitrix interface... If i add the calendar through add other users calendars, they see the calendar but still cant edit it...

If i go through 3 points that you explaind it as a solution... i still dont have an option to add an event to other user calendar... Even if i am the admin and have alll permissions.

So i guess there is something that i dont understand.

There are a lot of answers that end up with...we comunicated this to our dev team and there is not much done on it in the end.

To have a "secretary" role to manage other users calendar or for more users to edit shared calendar is the basis of most small business crm users... i guess.
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