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MS Office Online or Google Docs not configured
[QUOTE]B24_4730331 wrote:
To configure LiveID you have to go to  [URL=]ms developer page[/URL] , create a new app, ins ert your domain name and the redirect url (it is written inside bitrix). Copy-Paste the generated ID and key in to bitrix.

Enable them by clicking on the checkbox on the top.[/QUOTE]
Thank you! this info wasnt found anywhere else...

Do you use this yourself? What features exactly do you get if you have this activated? Does every bitrix user require his own Microsoft/Office365 Account or can they use it without any login?

Best Regards
MS Office Online or Google Docs not configured
We have a similiar issue:

I activated Office online and when I try to create a file: "Support for live id not configured"
Google drive integration, There is no Goolge Drive option when uploadin files
Same Issue here, did you get it working, Dorde?

Yana, could you please make a screenshot of the option in Control Panel?
Form which creates tasks / Create tasks from mails
Is there a way to do this?

Our use case is that we want to make a form available where all required info will be entered by a bitrix user.
Out of that a task for a choosable bitrix user should be created with all the info

Maybe we can use bitrix' request feature for this, but then we would need a way to create tasks from the request mails.

Suggestions appreciated :-)
more detailed calendar permissions

I would like to create a group with a calendar.

Moderators should be allowed to create, edit and delete any task.
Normal members should only be able to view all entries, create new entries and edit [U]their own[/U] entries

For the latter there seem to be no defined permissions eg "calendar_access" still permits editing other user's entries

Can this be implemented somehow?
task management by deputy
In our bitrix installation the administrators use normal user accounts daily and switch to their admin accounts when required for a task. If I understand you correctly, this may be a solution/workaround for you.
Edited: Manuel Lange - 02/05/2015 22:39:36
Open drive links in office
Thanks, yana this sounds good! When do you think will it be available in the self hosted version?

task management by deputy

is there any solution for task management by deputys planned in the task module?

use cases:
a) secretary sees (/manages) tasks of his/her superiors
b) deputy manages tasks of a colleague while hes on vacation

Thanks in advance.
Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop

we would also appreciate a kanban and scrum solution for our developers in the tasks.
Is there anything planned for development?

Open drive links in office
When you click a link someone posted eg in the activity stream, instead of opening it directly with the installed microsoft office, the browser downloads the file.

It would be convenient if it would offer the option to edit it directly as well.
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