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Users cannot open/download attached files
I'm reading the blog post you provided about the BP, but I can't find how to even navigate to the Common Documents area to set this up. Is this only for paid accounts perhaps?
Users cannot open/download attached files how are other people viewing documents then? What can I do about the Google Viewer? Is everyone having this issue and you're just saying sorry, can't help you? I don't get it.
Users cannot open/download attached files
I have no idea if I'm using Business Process or not. How would I know this? I've never heard that term, so I would guess not, unless it's set up that way be default?
User is not receiving notifications
One of the invited users to my work group is not receiving email notifications when I post comments or create new tasks, etc.

She has all the boxes checked in the advanced options for notifications, and nothing is going to her spam/junk folder.

Is there another setting somewhere?
Users cannot open/download attached files
I've uploaded PDF & JPG files for another user to approve, and she cannot open or download them. She just gets a blank window.

Are there some kind of permission settings or something to allow this?
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