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BTW, please look also on solutions like or ;)
Why bitrix don't have user based questions/answer system (like Also I didn't find any new features suggestions/voting place like provides.

Guys, I thinks you would get much more quality ideas where to move forward with you product, just create good place for community to suggest you directions. Forum isn't the best possible tool :( But it's good that you have forum ;)
Files/Folder sharing, Actually I need someting similar to Dropbox functionality.
Is it possible to share private folder with one or more users and to make it visible among their private folders?

Actually I need someting similar to Dropbox functionality.

1. I create private folder and add there files.
2. Install Bitrix24.Drive and sync files with my PC.
3. Share folder with UserX and he accept it.
4. Folder appears among UserX private files and sync with his PC (using Bitrix24.Drive).
5. I add new file or update existing file and this file automatically updates in UserX folder.
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are already using Bitrix24