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Drop-down lists in custom fields
Hi Yana

I want to be able to sel ect multiple entries fr om the drop-down lists (see image below as an example).
Once the contacts have been created, I then want to be able to search by the contents of the drop-down list (i.e. select all contacts who grow grass).

Drop-down lists in custom fields
Thanks, Yana.

Since we currently search by what is going into these lists, it is critical that all entries are identical. Is there no way of having drop-down lists to sel ect fr om?

Edited: Hannah James - 02/04/2015 17:22:24
Drop-down lists in custom fields
I want to create some custom fields which have drop-down lists, from which users are able to select multiple items.
I have found how to create the custom fields but cannot see how to generate the drop-down lists and how to link them to the custom field.

I would be most grateful for any help.
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