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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Event added in project calendar doesn't show in my calendar
Hi Yana,

Thanks for your reply.  Below are the options I have to show on my personal workspace calendar.  There are no workgroup/project calendars there.  How can I include them in the list?

I can appreciate your intention of not wanting to overload the personal calendar, however what the user really needs is a holistic view of all of their commitments.  I suggest that by default it should include everything from all calendars, but give each user the flexibility to exclude events from specific calendars.

Can't add recurring task
I'm trying to follow the directions from the support page linked below to create a recurring task, however there is no option for recurrence in the full task editor when I expand the more option.


This is what is available when I expand the More options:

Event added in project calendar doesn't show in my calendar
When I add an event in a project calendar I expect that as the owner of the event that it will automatically show up in the calendar in my workspace.  This does not happen.

My goal is to have the calendar in my workspace show all events of which I'm a member whether added directly or from any workgroup calendar or linked external calendar.  Is this the intended behavior?  If not then I will add it as a feature request.  Thanks.

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