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Some Questions Before Purchasing

I would like to know - how would we be able to see the demo version of the Self Hosted.
Please guide Step by Step!

Once we buy the self hosted, would Bitrix install in Self Hosted Server - Cloud?
Which Hosting Provider is Recommended?

When you launch new features, how would we get such an update?

Are we able to custom code, add new things etc by our coders (do you know any one as well), once we buy the self-hosted version?

What kind of hosting space required?

Amazon Cloud Elastic option ?

Would Bitrix guys install it up there?

Also how to access demo before buying?
Dettaching and attaching domain, Reconfiguring domain for mail accounts
I am also facing the same issue.. and have told since many weeks to the Support to fix it...
I do not know why they are taking AGES.

This is making me not to purchase there software, along with not to go pay version..

I hope they be quick and responsive... Please support.. Help us..

I have messaged you about my domain as well...  Ticket Number: 659359 -  domain name is mentioned in it

Please resolve it soon, i need to attach my domain, so i can use various features, in order to move to PAID version

Phone Number

If we Connect to our Number, or Buy a number from Bitrix.

What difference we might get ?

Is it most functions like recording, call logs etc, wont be in if we connect our own number?
Bitrix24 email, Has anyone got a bitrix24 email address to work

I am also using few many functions before planning to buy off....
I am facing issues to integrate with our domain. When i attach my main domain - it says  " this domain already in use "

What does it mean please? How to fix it, so we can try testing via official domain.

I have already messaged Support-Desk, have not heard back. Please advise.
What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Any Self-Hosted customers, share your thoughts / views
What kind of hosting space required?

If we go with Self-Hosted, what kind of cloud hosting space we might require.

Give a brief idea of what monthly costing may incur on the self-hosted platform?
Linkedin Integration

Is there any Linkedin Integration ?

In order to pull leads, new contacts, companies from B2B - Linkedin Platform?

This will make life much easier

Please advise
Cloud - Email Integration

I am not yet a paid user.
But i am a bit confused. When i am going to Domain Email Integration
It says Domain already in use?
What does it mean.
Sales Reporting

Is it possible to improve the look of Sales Reporting Funnel, and adding more features on KPI metrics..

Please advise if any such being added?
What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
I look forward to hear from the individuals / customers too please..
What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Any discounts offered possibly?
Also if wanted to check the demo of functions we have in Self-Hosted.. how can we do it..
Do we need install the self-hosted in some server for Demo even?
Feature request: Integration with Quickbook (online book-keeping system)
Looking for Quickbooks integration please.
Zapier Integration, Integrate with Zapier for connection with other tools
Any plans for QuickBooks integration ?
What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Hello Friends,

Can those individuals share and discuss here in detail, what benefits did you find moving from Cloud to Self-Hosted.

Also what CRM were you using previously. Did you find Bitrix CRM comparatively much better.

I am trying to understand benefits in going for a Self-Hosted, or not to inject/invest in the CRM / SelfHosted

Please advise suggestions friends, highly appreciated
Chat Ideas
[QUOTE]Oleg Zhovnir wrote:
Yana, I'm on a self-hosted version and I can't seem to find the Attachment Icon in the desktop app chat or via browser chat. Can you tell me exactly where it's located?


Oleg, which Self Hosted version have you taken dear? Is it worth buying the self hosted?
Quotes Section
Yana, Any possibility to fix it.
Also in the Self Hosted, are there options we can custom also ?
Trouble Tickets / Help Desk Option

Can i see the HelpDesk module.. is it advanced / detailed Trouble Ticket solution?

Also the SelfHosted version..what kind of server / space would be required...
Salesperson Activity and Sales Goals
Hello Admin,

Is the above suggestion coming soon ?

Which month is the next release please..?
Quotes Section

In the Quotes section, it seems to send in PDF.

Is it possible to send it in Excel Format also ?
Pricing Issue When create DEALS
Dear.. its in USD.. and in our telecom industry sometimes prices are with 0.XXX or 0.XXXX

Can it not be any other option, for us to edit the format ?
Product Catalog

I would like to know the following

Say we have 500 products..
If we upload all of them... but do not put a pricing.

When we create a new Deal, For Example:

Supplier A > Offers Product B > at 0.050
Supplier B > Offers Product B > at 0.052
Supplier C > Offers Product B > at 0.053

Now different suppliers, same products, at different prices

Would the deal part accept it ?

Similarly it goes for the Client / Customer Part too

Customer A > Requests Product B > at 0.060
Customer B > Request Product B > at 0.062
Customer C > Requests Product C > 0.063

Please advise...
Products Pricing
The pricing format is same for both...
Quick Books Integration
XERO is a bit low grade accounting system...

Any ETA when QuickBooks will be integrated please..?

A month or 5 months.. just so i know i am making a right decision in choosing your Paid solution...
Price Matching Mechanism
Yes, that is what we have done

But the price matching mechanism is something very useful... i am giving you ideas.. this will help your CRM go to different levels and heights.

In todays world.. many companies act like Brokerage / transit / trading companies.. buy from one place - and sell to other

If you have this price matching.. it will be AWESOME!

Try implementing soon

P.S. i would require to be paid for consultancy and for tips..Just Joking.. well i could accept it though :P
Pricing Issue When create DEALS
Any ETA.. when we can have it on board?
If they take months... i would better jump to another CRM provider, and take the paid solution of them.. as you know the accurate pricing details are very important

I would highly appreciate if they can quickly implement this.. so i can proceed with the paid solution from you guys.
Quick Books Integration

Can you include integration to QuickBooks.. a widely used Online Account Platform...

It will reach your CRM solution to the Heights...

Many other CRMs have tons of integrations...
Trouble Tickets / Help Desk Option

Why the trouble ticket / help desk function - option is not there in the Cloud Version ?

Since we are paying, it should include all the main / major features.

Kindly check on this ASAP.

This is a factor too, that is leaving us behind to go with the Paid scenario..
Products Pricing
Hello Yana,

We are in to Telecom Business.

And there are some products that are priced 0.0345 or 0.044 and in similar ranges.
It is important for pricing to show exact number / digits as we type

Currently it just rounds it up.. Which takes away the accuracy and precision of the pricing factor (which is highly important)

I am sure it will just take 2-3 codes / lines tweaking for your developers... as this is the reason that is not making me go ahead with the payed solution / services

I hope you can quickly provide as per the requirements we need.
Products Pricing

We have different Partners / Suppliers, giving specific product at different prices.

If we upload various codes and products.... and we put no prices there.

Is it possible to put manually for each supplier / company name?
Pricing Issue When create DEALS
Kindly tell your team to fix this ASAP

We need this.. as this is the demand of current world... every pennies bits is important...

So rounding it off, its a bit old-nature now.

Please fix it ASAP!
Pricing Issue When create DEALS

We are facing issues right now when we put a certain price

Say we put $14.5 - it will round it up to $15

Or we put 0.105 - it will round it up to 0.11

Please advise how to fix this?
Can we use Skype from CRM ?

Can we use Skype from CRM?

So for that specific Company / Contact, even the chat conversations are recorded...
And the sales team, does not have to go anywhere else.. just open laptop... login to CRM. and it has EVERYTHING!

Please advise
Email Address Integration

Once we Integrate our Email Official Domains

1) Will we be still able to see emails in OutLook Express, Email Servers?
2) If we select multiple contacts in CRM, it shows its sending as TO: instead of BCC:
3) Will each of the contacts see each other?

Price Matching Mechanism

I would like to know is there any Price Matching Mechanism.
I understand the CRM is mainly for someone who owns the product.

Say for a Brokerage Company

We have a Supplier A - selling Product A for $5
We have a Supplier B - selling Product A for $6
We have a Supplier C - selling Product A for $7

Now we have a Lead - Client who needs Product A for around $6

So we put in the Lead, and Product A.

It shows us Matching Opportunity with Supplier A

So we can execute a Faster Deal / Execution

Or if not the above, what other feature we can utilize in order to matchup our above needs?
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