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Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals, Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals
Hello has there been any development on this idea? It is something we are very interested in also, being in the services industry we need to manage a large volume of 1 year and 2 year service contracts.

Group Notify of New Group Task
Hello Bitrix24, is there a way of sending an email notification to all members of a group when there is a new task entered to their group? We need this so that the first available person can pick up the task and handle it. Thanks.
Importing products via CSV
Add my vote also.
Bitrix24 Drive Space Question

I need to know a few things regarding the free cloud version.

What data is kept on the Drive feature of your cloud version?  Does the text in the Tasks, Deals, Contacts and Companies affect the size of the Drive?  We haven't added any documents and yet the drive has gone down to 4.9G as opposed to the mentioned 5.0G.  Does that mean that we will eventually run out of space and have to go to the paid version??

Also, we are thinking of migrating from Salesforce to the free cloud version for costs reasons and want to know if there are any procedures and tools to assist in migrating the data from salesforce.

Also, we would like to be able to notify a group of employees when a new task of a certain group is entered. How can we do that?

One more thing, is it possible to have Products as a CRM item that we can associate with Tasks?

One last thing, when creating a new Task, we always have extended data to add to it, so is it possible to have a new Task default in the "Full Task Form"? I believe this has been previously requested another forum post.

Thank you

Hi again, had one more question : when creating a custom field, is it possible to have just the date as opposed to date/time? If it not possible right now can it be added for the future. Thanks.
Edited: Kevin McCarthy - 03/12/2015 17:11:33 (More information.)
Custom fields for Catalog/Products
I was looking for this also. Please add it. Also make it a bindable item in the other CRM sections.

Our company makes heavy use of products with contracts. We would like to be able to better integrate multiple contracts and products into the company form.
Edited: Kevin McCarthy - 03/06/2015 20:01:10
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