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New icons layout: where are document properties? and tags?
[QUOTE]Markus Hendrich wrote:
[QUOTE] Yana Prokopets wrote:
Unfortunately it is not clear with tags yet. Properties can not be added unfortunately. Could you share an example of scenario when you need to edit them and what exactly? Thanks.


Hi Yana!

In SharePoint and ANY other Document Management solution I know, it's easy (and the heart of a DMS) to work with properties.
So you are able to create new ones, like projectname, projectnumber, customername, customernumber, categroies and so on.
You could easily group, sort or find them.

So you are able not to work with a complicated folder structure for example or have to save the same document in more than one folder, and so on.

As I said - this is a must have if you think about using Bitrix as a DMS.

Anything else is still here:
History, Workflow, Search, like, Discussion, Stream, and so on.

I don't want to compare Bitrix to expensive DMS. But Bitrix offers so much base - functionality to use as a DMS. Why not integrating this?!
And as I understood - it was there already before (see the first post here). You should think about that again to use Bitrix as a simple DMS.

Kind Regards, Markus[/QUOTE]
Good Examples.the main ones we need is a property called revision so we can set it to A01 then A02 then B01 and so on.
and discipline like Mech and Civil and so on.

get the picture
New icons layout: where are document properties? and tags?
Any news about file tags and parameters
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