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Can we stop everyone from deleting invoices?, Deleting invoices can cause problems with our accounts and potentially have the state finance ministry chasing us.
Hi Yana,

We use Xero, so would be interested in an integration in future.
Links in a List field, Creating a clickable url in a List field

I'm playing with Lists, and it does most of what I want.

I can create an HTML/text field and use the 'add link' edit option to add a title and url for external links. This then displays a field with a clickable title, taking the user to the linked site. This works fine, but I feel this will be beyond most of my users.

So, I created Business Process to create an HTML tag once the user had entered two fields - one for Title and one for the url.

This also works, and creates a valid tag like: [COLOR=blue]<[/COLOR][COLOR=#a52a2a]a[/COLOR][COLOR=#555555] [/COLOR][COLOR=#dc143c]href=[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000cd]"[URL=][/URL]"[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]>[/COLOR][I]HTML Links[/I][COLOR=blue]<[/COLOR][COLOR=#a52a2a]/a[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]>
Unfortunately, that is what is displayed - the HTML tag, not the Title text (HTML Links) with a clickable link ([URL=][/URL]).

Should I use a different field type (string doesn't seem to work either) or does the HTML/text field not recognise valid HTML but have its own format for storing links?
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