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Essentials: import and export of task lists (and Ghantt chart view)

We are currently looking to see if we can find a project management software solving our most important tasks in organizing multiple projects with overlap in resources.

Bitrix24 is the most intuitive and collaborative solution we have come across so far, and we would consider a professional subscription if it wasn't for two very essential (and linked) features missing:

When starting up a project, we have a check-list of tasks that are part of most projects here. We are missing an option for importing such a list, and for having it as a task list template (rather than as individual task templates).
I suppose this could be overcome by entering each task individually for every project, but this seems unnecessarily time consuming and therefore not desirable.

Worse is the lack of options for documenting project status and changes.
For us it would be an absolute necessity to be able print or export to pdf the project task lists, preferably from the Ghantt Chart view. This is an absolute necessity for us to consider Bitrix24.

As we are in the process of starting a number of new projects under a collaborative umbrella and with linked launches, could you please let me know if these features will be coming out, and when?
Sometime this spring is not very useful, an indication of a date would be needed for us to consider this solution.
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