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Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
Self Hosted Mutiple Divisions, Different Statuses for Leads and Deals
Hi. We are considering buying [B]Self Hosted Enterprise.[/B]
Allowing different sets of LEAD statuses and DEAL statuses  for each division is key to us.
Is it possible under [B]Self Hosted Enterprise?[/B]
Edited: Lucio Groch - 06/24/2016 21:17:50
"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
We solved this issue only by powering down and then up again our internet link.
Incoming mail not appended to Deal Activity log
1. An email was sent from the "[B]DEAL 999" screen [/B]to its respective customer from the CRM, using CRM's exclusive mailbox: backend@domain.
2. The [B]message ID [/B]was automatically added in the message body by the CRM.
2. Customer [B]replies [/B]to the address (backend@domain) in use only by the CRM.
3. The email is NOT appended to the "Deal 999" Activity log.
[/B][B]We have followed this [/B][URL=][B]step-by-step[/B][/URL][B], but no success. [/B][B]
[/B][B]What happened???[/B]
[/B]The mailbox backend@domain was once configured as being from a personal mailbox for an employee, but this setting was changed. Could this be interfering?
SIP module + Self Hosted Enterprise
Dear Yana.
Please advise IF image attached can be implemented. As far as I did research, this image [B]can be implemented as it is.[/B]
Thanks a lot.
SIP module + Self Hosted Enterprise
I want to use within Bitrix [B]Self Hosted Enterprise[/B] ([B]SHE[/B]) VoIP credits bought from another supplier. My question is:
- Even on [B]SHE[/B] I still have to buy the SIP module?
- IF I have to buy it, how many calls will I be able to make simultaneously?
Can Banking Fields be EDITED?, -
I did my research within Bitrix24 Settings and also Googled it. No reference found.
Can these fields on the image be edited? Where that can be done? It is not possible under Settings > Start Point > Contact or company details templates > Legal Person.
The way these items are organised is extremely confused. It seems like this section was released without being approved.
Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities, -
Hi Yana.
Yes, it is shown under History.
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
Agreed, Michal.
This is a recurring demand. Our friends from Bitrix should probably consider all these requests from us, their customers.
Telephony Notifications
Has this suggestion evolved? Thanks.
Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities, -
Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities. This is how it happened:
1. I used a DEAL screen to originate a call directly from the CRM Deal screen.
2. This call was completed, lasted four minutes, was automatically recorded by Bitrix24, and is stored in our company drive.
3. However, it is NOT listed neither under customer's Lead Activities Log nor under customer's Deal Activities Log.
   Email advertisement affirmed calls should be listed. Am I wrong?
Zapier Integration, Integrate with Zapier for connection with other tools
Having Zapier integration is amazing,CONGRATS !
Any plans of increasing Zapier triggers beyond "New Lead" and "New Task"?
(New triggers can be "Change Contact", "Change deal", "Change Lead", "New Contact")
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
Please check the attached image.
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
Dear Yana;

Please note:
Any ACTIVITY that comes pre-configured in Bitrix is mentioned in Activities log (i.e. Email, Call, Meeting, Email)
Any EVENT created by the client is NOT mentioned in Activities log (i.e. Whatsapp).
This looks like a BUG to me.
CRM Message Stream and Activity Events
Hi there Yana.
Please allow me: the "Event" should be shown under "Activities". Not showing it does not make any sense, don't you guys agree?
Company logo in email signature, issue with uploaded image to email signature
I think I can you showing what is the trouble here:
Check my 2 attached images:
- Image 1: image path input in template signatures
- Image 2: result in message sent using Activities > E-mail in Bitrix24.
The path DOES contain the image as named and shown in the sent message.
"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
My pleasure. We are eager to see ZAPIER integration, which will do a lot for Bitrix24 success worldwide!
"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
We fixed this by resetting connection/modem/internet link/DNS flushing and clearing cache. DONE!
Zapier Integration, Integrate with Zapier for connection with other tools
Hi there!
Any news on this? ZAPIER will certainly HELP boosting Bitrix24....!!!!
Allow all department users to add products to the catalog., Allow all department users to add products to the catalog.
Yana... Gosh, it worked!!!! Thanks!
Allow all department users to add products to the catalog., Allow all department users to add products to the catalog.
Let me put this in other words: what is needed to allow user(s) to add products?
"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
HI Yana.
- All users experience that.
- Service not available at all: no page is loaded in any browser. Browser waits 30 seconds to load page and afterwards shows the message you can see attached (consider Mozilla). Cleaning cache, restarting machine do not help. It feels just like "service is down". One day when I experienced this, the support page was ALSO down, showing the same "timeout" behavior.
- I have worked long ours loading several different sections multiple times, and never had these issues.
"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
At least once a week Bitrix24 is offline - we are unable to open our company page: CONNECTION TIMEOUT.
WHY IS THAT? Everything is up and running, and checked by our IT team.
Is that because we are still on the Free version?
It is very curious to me that no one else is reporting the same problem.
Edited: Lucio Groch - 03/24/2015 15:53:45
Screen Space
Have you guys considered a greater information density on the screen?
It seems to me there is a lot of wasted space!
I.e.: space between lines, space in table heads, large "Save" Buttons.
TABS not working properly under DEALS.
I added a custom tab under the Deal screen but I am very limited to WHICH fields I can add to this tab.
Why is that? Check these images (using Portuguese language).
Mark Standard Lead Fields as Required
Thanks, Yana.
Can that be set as required in any paid version?
Reset Possible Statuses to Default
How can I reset possible Lead/Deal statuses to default/original values?
Also, is there a tutorial objectively saying how system treat a lead/deal as finished? It is not clear once the default values are changed.
Can QUOTE fields trigger an action?
I am trying to trigger an action when a Yes/No field in the Quotes area is set as YES.
However I am not able to access this Yes/No value in Business Processes.
Do I need to use a variable to do so?
If that is the case, is there a video tutorial about working with variables?
Mark Standard Lead Fields as Required
I can´t seem to set standard fields as REQUIRED when opening a new Lead.
Only custom fields seem to be available to be marked as required.
I found this setting under Settings > Custom Fields.
Edited: Lucio Groch - 02/19/2015 23:13:46
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