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Users cannot open/download attached files
Hi Yana,

Thank you for your prompt response!

All of sudden I (Task creator and Site-admin) could open the file and my other test account as a task observer as well :0. Might have something to do with just updated version (where My Drive layout has changed and might have some others as well).
Though the file can be access from task, but it is still missing from My Drive. Since the last change from default saving location (Download folder in My Drive) to other folder, it went missing from my whole My Drive folder. Opening the file through the task shows that it is saved under intended folder but couldn't be found going to that folder!!!
With the recent update, it seems like "no access" option was removed. Why?
Is it possible to have customised access to each of the task participants and/observers to some of the files attached to the particular task?
Users cannot open/download attached files
Since I am new to Bitrix24 and been testing it for last few days to see if it's our company's cup of tea, I failed to understand posting a new thread on this forum. Please guide me on this and by the way I am using free version of Bitrix24 for the moment if it has to do anything with this!
Now my real question/problem is:
I have created a task with few documents attached to it, two participants and a observer. While I was trying to restrict the observer's access to view some of the files, I tried to change the default save file location (i.e., Download folder of My Drive) to one of the grand subfolder of a main folder in My Drive, error message showed up ("folder not exist" is it because of too many subfolder under the parent's folder; about 5 subfolders?) and I then saved to one of the main folder in My Drive. But when I went back to check the folder; neither was it there nor in any of my other folders of My Drive. The file is missing! But opening the same task, I can see the file but opening it shows "access denied" on the opened window!

Please help me.
Edited: Tsering Dongkar - 02/26/2015 16:16:39
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